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Pregnancy Chiropractic at
Integrity Health and Wellness of Columbus

Everyone in the family wants mom to have a happy, healthy pregnancy. Safe and effective chiropractic care has been used by pregnant women for over 100 years. Taking care of mom’s nervous system ensures a less stressful pregnancy and easier labor and delivery. And that’s good for mom and baby too!

Litte girl with head on moms pregnant belly

How Can Pregnancy Chiropractic Help Me?

A woman’s body undergoes numerous changes during pregnancy. The pelvis shifts and widens, ligaments and tendons stretch to accommodate the changes, and the increasing weight of the baby puts pressure on the spine. Every day there’s something different.

All these changes can cause misalignment, resulting in pain and loss of function for a mom. Being proactive, and receiving adjustments throughout your pregnancy, helps keep your spine healthy.

Adjustments also allow your baby to move more freely and get into an optimal birth position. When Baby is happy, Mom sleeps better, has fewer digestive issues, and less pain and discomfort.
New Patients

What Can I Expect?

Expectant mothers go through the same new patient onboarding procedure. There will be a phone consultation prior to the first in-person visit. When you arrive, you will receive a physical examination and INSiGHT™ scans. We have special pregnancy pillows for your comfort.

On your next visit, Dr. Eric will review your test results with you. The report of findings will point out any existing issues and what can be done to correct them. Your care plan is tailored to the needs of you and your baby. He may make other recommendations for at- home care, such as exercises or nutritional changes.

The frequency of visits depends on the results of your scans, and how far the pregnancy has progressed. You can be assured of receiving the best care for all stages of your pregnancy.

Questions? We’d Love to Speak with You!

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us today; we want you to have the best possible pregnancy. Contact us at (614) 865-1999 today!

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